This is a page where we will do our best to give you information about our Cavapoos and mini golden doodles.

Cavapoos are considered an affectionate, loyal and social dog. They love to be interactive with their owner and are easy to train.

 They require grooming and an occasional trimming as their hair will get quite matted if left alone.


 Our female is Tonya, mom to the puppies that you will see pictured on our website and then a Cavalier Spaniel that we are hoping to get bred soon to our male mini poodle, Rocky. We have seen the adorable little Cavapoos and decided we are going to try to raise and sell this breed. The golden doodles are a popular breed because of how social, intelligent not to mention good-natured these dogs are! We have enjoyed interacting with our customers and many of them come to see where our puppies are housed and to meet the parents. We do our best to keep our adult dogs in good health with trips to the vet for their immunizations and health checkups. 

 Many people wonder how large our mini golden doodles grow to full size and since we haven't ever kept a puppy to actually see how big they get we normally tell people around 20-40 lbs and 15-17" tall. They do require some grooming and trimming as their coat can get rather shaggy if left to grow on its own. We have posted a picture from one of our customers of how one of our puppies looks at a year old.

 Thanks for visiting our website and please call us if you have any questions and want to be put on our "to call" list.