Price change on our litters!

Hi there!! Welcome to our website for Mountain Ridge Farm and Kennel. Feel free to look around and see pics of all our previous litters. We have been raising mini golden doodles for the past 6 or 7 years and have within the last 3 years been raising Cavapoos. We do our best to keep the parents in good health with routine checkups and vaccinations. We have plenty of people in our household who love socailizing with the puppies to make sure they are well aclimated to being with your children- should you have any. Each puppy will come with the following:

*a scedule of the deworming that hapens at 2,4,6 and 8 weeks and vaccination (usually given by the vet between 6-8 weeks of age) 

*a health record from the vet

*a gift bag that could include: puppy treats, a toy and collar. 

  We are doing a slight price increase. We are asking $1,050- $1,250 for a Mini Golden Doodle and $1,200-$1,650 for a Cavapoo.

 P.S. We also get asked at times if we house break a puppy. We don't offer it to customers just because it's extra work and I dont consider myself an expert with it but if you insist on it and it does help you to make a decision whether or not to buy one of our puppies we will consent to doing it one week (only) prior to it leaving our home.  We will charge  $100.00 extra on top of the cost of a puppy to house break!