Puppies to come!

 We are expecting two litters of Cavapoos and two litters of Mini Golden Doodles all within 3 months! So get ready folks for an overload of cuteness!!🤩 We have quite a waitng list and if you are wanting a cavapoo you may want to look elsewhere or be patient as we wait to see if everyone will get one who is on the list and if there will be one available. We do still have room for potential golden doodle customers but that is filling up fast too. Bear with us as we try to make sure everyone gets what they want as this will be our first time working with a waiting list! We will do our best to make everyone happy and thanks to everyone for your cooperation and patience so far! I know its hard to wait!! We will contact you (if you are on our list) as soon as the puppies are around one week old.