Price change on our litters!

  Okay folks juat a slight change on how we are going to charge for our litters. I will explain how we usually did it and then I will tell you how we are doing it from here on out. If you have already made a deposit for a puppy this will not apply to you -so no worries! A Cavapoo is $1,200 to rehome and a Mini Golden Doodle we ask $975 to rehome. The deposit was always included in the asking price but we have had lots of people use PayPal to pay and we have no problem with that however, we get charged a fee!  so we are going to make a small change and it's always your decision how you want to pay for the deposit with a check or through pay pal and by the way, it is non refundable! So now we are asking that the deposit no longer be included in the asking price- I know that does mean more money out of your pocket for one of our puppies but I hope you understand.  We also will be asking a little more for pick of the litter and usually it's a puppy with a red coat. A Cavapoo puppy -pick of the litter is $1,500 + $150 for deposit and a mini golden doodle - pick of the litter is $1,050 + $100 deposit. If you get one that is not pick of the litter it will be - Cavapoo- $1,200 + $150 (deposit) and mini golden doodle -$975 + $100 ( deposit) 

 P.S. We also get asked at times if we house break a puppy! We don't offer it to customers just because it's a lot of extra work and I dont consider myself an expert with it but if you insist on it and it does help you to make a decision whether or not to buy one of our puppies we will consent to doing it one week (only) prior to it leaving our home.  We will charge  $100.00 extra on top of the cost of a puppy to house break!